Rosa Chou
Personal Statement
Stylistically my illustrations are child-like in that it visually describes a message with an innocent and simplistic outlook. My work is not meant to mock adult daily-life, but to enhance our days with memories of happiness once taken for granted, and possibly forgotten. Child-like is different from the negative connotation of childish. Although I miss the innocence of child perspective, it is the sophistication and experience of adult knowledge that gives my child-like designs a refined personality. The child-like themes in my work does not specifically point to the time of childhood, but defines any period of time that a person has passed but yearns to remember.

All my artwork belong to a “series”, which means I don’t draw the same “subject” or exact style more than once. In each series you will find individual pieces that all relate to each other. Please consider them as collections denoting the time period of my growth as well as mood and emotions.

Contact Information
Berkeley, CA

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